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Stack Sampling

The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAAA) has designated one hundred eighty-nine pollutants to be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The sampling methods and compounds of interest are usually detailed in the compliance permit obtained by an industry from the governing agency for a specific source of possible emissions.

RCA Management Inc. provides management of stationary source emissions measurement, recording, and reporting adhering to the Federal and State requirements for quality and accuracy. Stationary source emissions measuring, or stack sampling, provides information to management from which the following can be discerned:

- Compliance / non-compliance with governmental regulations of emissions

- Efficiency of pollution control devices

- Efficiency of process operations

- Emission data for engineering purposes

All data and observations are kept in the strictest of confidence with clients. Since 1976, RCA Management Inc. has offered a wide range of air quality services:

- Source Testing using USEPA, and Local Air Protocol (Reference: Methods 1-28)

- Particle Sizing and Identification (PM-10 Studies)

-Emissions Reporting


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