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Air Pollution Source Permitting

With few exceptions, a new or modified air pollution source needs a Permit-to-Install (PTI) and/or a Permit-to-Operate (PTO) application to be submitted in conjunction with the appropriate Emission Activity Category (EAC) form. The information required within these applications has recently been modified due to Federal authorization of Ohio’s State Implementation Plan (SIP) under Title V of the Clean Air Act Amendments. A greater burden of responsibility has been placed on the permittee to identify applicable regulations relating to the operation of the source(s).

Failure to file the correct permit applications with the local air pollution agency can result in substantial enforcement action against a facility. All applications go through agency review to determine their status based on information supplied. Correct and accurate completion of the applications can affect the way a source may be allowed to operate. Permitted sources can fall into one of the following categories: exempt (de minimis), registration, or permitted.

RCA Management Inc. has over 20 years experience in assisting a wide variety of industry through the maze of air compliance issues. RCA Management Inc. also has extensive experience with electronic submission of permit applications through Ohio EPA’s StarShip program.

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