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Industrial Hygiene / Safety Programs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the regulating body that administers safety and health regulations to industry. OSHA regulations are designed to protect the worker by providing liability to companies on health and safety issues. These regulations are often complex in scope and application and in most cases require a written program as well as employee training. Non-compliance with the OSHA regulations or employee accidents can result in major enforcement action and/or fines.
The Industrial Hygiene/Safety staff at RCA Management Inc. can assist your company in preparing a complete safety program, including all required training or with individual programs such as:
- Hazard Communication
- Lockout/Tagout
- Confined Space
- Personal protective Equipment
- Evacuation Plans
- Fire Prevention
- Respirator Programs
- Medical Records
If you are unsure as to how your company’s operations may relate to the OSHA standards, contact us.
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